Life and Work

Sabine was born in Berlin. She has been living in Switzerland since 1992 working as a theologist and an artist.

Experimental photography is her passion, through which she tries to express the multitude of dimensions of life and the soul. She is therefore glad to be able to work with people, who are willing to participate in this exploration as models or are ready for a philosophi­cal-artistic exchange. She is also interested in joint photo projects with other people.

Sabine Zgraggen


The queer and imperfect is of similar importance in here art, as the surprising and beautiful, which seemingly manifest themselves exactly through these attributes. Each and every photo becomes a reflection of the soul, not for its determination, but for their common longing for time, space, existence, future, decease, peace.

Her pictures are aesthetical and display a strong creation- al spirit, which aims to reveal the invisible. Subconscious, unknown planes and themes can come to surface and engage in awareness- building dialogue with the public. Often it isn't easy to phrase this progress. It is for this reason necessary to discuss the photos over a longer time period for them to unlock their true message.

Alongside her theological, soul-searching work, Sabine Zgraggen, is a photo performance artist. She attributes the process of creation of photo series an equal importance to the multidimensional experience, which they result in. Her works are unique and intensify the grasped moment (in so far they are realistic and true); although her work is also universal, by connecting the core values of humanity like desire, happiness, sorrow, devotion, life.

Those, who can let them­selves go in this kind of ART, are taken on a journey to themselves and through them- selves towards something new.

If you are interested in this kind of ART, feel free to contact the artist. She is available for individual projects and per­formances after inquiry.


Everything what we photograph and even how we photograph does not matter. What is already within us can always be revealed.
Sabine Zgraggen